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Our Mission Statement: We aim to facilitate mathematical understanding through music in order to prepare students for STEM related careers. 

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At Melodies for Math, we aim to provide music that illustrates math concepts in a quick and comprehendible way. Mathematics is essential to solving the problems of our modern world, but many school systems have gaps in their teaching methods that turn people away from this essential skill. Music, a language that binds ideas and cultures together, has the potential to solve this problem. Our services will guarantee an easy and attainable math education.

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We have impacted 15+ individuals in different grade levels, across the United States, the Philippines, Turkey, and Canada.

Black and White Earth

I love the video that Melodies for Math made me! The topic was reciprocal, quotient, Pythagorean, and double angle identities, and the video did a really good job of capturing what I was looking for in it. Not only was the content good, but the song itself is also very catchy and has a nice beat and melody. Overall, I like this song!

This song really helped understand the Pythagorean Theorem a little better and confirmed any doubts I had about the topic. Now I understand the subject and still have the melody stuck in my head.

Ishita K, 11th grade, Latham, NY, United States

Hrishikes T, 5th grade, Dallas, TX, United States

The song is catchy making it easy for a student to learn interactively and comprehensively. The video serves as a visual and auditory material that aids students to actively learn the topic.

LJ, 9th grade, Philippines

The song helped me understand the material further and strengthened my knowledge of it. I know that I can count on my understanding of this subject for when I learn even more difficult concepts in math.

Rebecca Choe, 11th grade, CA

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